Church painting obstacles, but the old wood ladders got her done!

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Upon recently bidding on a church painting job in Perth Amboy,NJ I called in a scaffolding erection company to set up scaffolding around the alter, the cost $7500.00 to erect and dismantle, not happening. Next I contacted a lift company to scope out job site but there equipment could not make the turn thru the front door due to the pews being in the way. The church did not want the pews removed for whatever reason so I was in an awkward position and did not want to lose the job. By the way this was a water damage job in which above the alter had black water stains above the alter.
So I knew this would have to be accomplished by the use of 2 36 foot and 1 40 foot ladders. I had the equipment in my yard under tarps they were made in New Haven,Ct by the Flint Ladder Co. and I bought them in 1985. The question was would they stand the test of being taken out of the “moth balls” and get the job done. In today‚Äôs industry wood ladders are laughed at as fiberglass and aluminum are the way to go. So we gave them a shot positioning them between the pews and working them. I must say this was not easy because of the tight squeeze and the weight of the ladders. The 40 footer proved most difficult to raise up and down due to the fact that it was getting hung up on molding that was jutting out of the wall.
While only planning to stain kill the black water marks on the concrete surface and then top coat with a flat latex paint, this was not the case. After the top coat had dried the surface looked uneven. So I changed tactics and instead of using a thick nap roller cover I resorted to a four inch brush. The second application with the brush applied the paint on thicker. This second techniqure proved successfull and the surface appearance when dry looked great. There was a lot of pressure toward the end of the job in that the job had to be finished and equiptment had to be taken down before services were held on Sunday
No matter what pros say about wood ladders these days I was proud of them and they got the job done very well!


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Painting Contractors Punchlist Pressure

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Punchlist Pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punchlist Pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every experienced contractor whether a painting , building, electric, or plumbing knows the feeling when the job is coming to an end. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up. A lot of little things that need to be done to get the final payment. These “little things” where not over looked they were put on the back burner while the bigger more important items were dealt with.
From a painting contractors stand point touchups are quite common, as well as skipped nail holes, sagging caulking, over spray etc. The customer is quite keen on what needs to be rectified before they issue the final payment. Often the customer will have several other people look over the job to get various opinions. Recently I experienced comments from other individuals on a job and the punchlist “fix it” list required me to remidy the previous contractors errors.
These prior errors where not in my contract to remedy and were pointed out near the tail end of the job. Although small things were noted it dawned on me to fix or to disagree and try to get more money. Rather than haggle over who’s mistakes they really were and end the job on a sour note, I proceeded to repair the prior contractors mistakes and gained a happy customer in the end. Sometimes contractors have to swallow their pride and just go along with the customers demands.

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