“My husband is going to paint the house”!

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"My husband is going to paint the house"!
“I guess we should have HIRED A CONTRACTOR”!

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I told her “not to paint the vinyl columns”!

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I told her "don't paint the vinyl columns"!. While erecting 2 front porches in Farmington, Connecticut this past month a customer insisted on painting the white vinyl columns green with a second rate latex paint. I tried to persuade her that it wasn’t a good idea due to possible adhesion problems. Or at least wait until they were installed.

Sure enough the columns peeled and blistered as the construction continued. Now what an unsightly mess we had on our hands. The paint did not cure properly and now the columns need a lot of sanding to feather the damaged areas.

These columns were 125 dollars each and trying to persuade a customer not to do something doesn’t always work in a contractors favor. Fortunate for myself I was not the painter on this job and was not liable for the damage.

The painter prepared the columns with denatured alcohol which was recommended by the paint salesman. Whether this did more harm than good is the question. After inquiring about the proper application and methods to properly paint vinyl, it was suggested that a primer should have been used. It was also suggested that sanding the bad spots and repainting them would not do them any justice. In order for the columns to look mint, a power washing of all the paint would be necessary. A reapplication of a quality latex paint after the washing was the only way to make them look great.

It was unfortunate to encounter this problem especially when it was evident even before it started. After spending thousands of dollars on materials and constructing the porches to the proper specs the whole way, the paint job is always a reflection of a contractors work.

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Painting Contractors Punchlist Pressure

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Punchlist Pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punchlist Pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every experienced contractor whether a painting , building, electric, or plumbing knows the feeling when the job is coming to an end. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up. A lot of little things that need to be done to get the final payment. These “little things” where not over looked they were put on the back burner while the bigger more important items were dealt with.
From a painting contractors stand point touchups are quite common, as well as skipped nail holes, sagging caulking, over spray etc. The customer is quite keen on what needs to be rectified before they issue the final payment. Often the customer will have several other people look over the job to get various opinions. Recently I experienced comments from other individuals on a job and the punchlist “fix it” list required me to remidy the previous contractors errors.
These prior errors where not in my contract to remedy and were pointed out near the tail end of the job. Although small things were noted it dawned on me to fix or to disagree and try to get more money. Rather than haggle over who’s mistakes they really were and end the job on a sour note, I proceeded to repair the prior contractors mistakes and gained a happy customer in the end. Sometimes contractors have to swallow their pride and just go along with the customers demands.

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